Family dog

Once it is your turn based on your date of deposit, you will automatically receive an email with photos of the puppies born and estimated size, coat types, etc. Should circumstances prevent you from choosing from the current litter or if your ideal puppy is not among them, you will simply remain on the waiting list and you will automatically be emailed again when the next litter arrives. So you will always retain your spot on the waiting list based on the date of deposit. Keep in mind that the waiting time increases the more requirements you have! These puppies are 2,500 euros and have a deposit of 200 euros.

Available for: Netherlands, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Luxenburg, Romenia, Slovenia and Slovakia


Family Puppy

These puppies must be at least 15 weeks old and have had a Rabies vaccination, in order to fly/drive to their families in Europe. These puppies are 4500 euros and have a deposit of 200 euros.
Available for families from: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.



No/minimum waiting time & breeding licence should you ever want a litter

You will have priority over all families on our full waiting list. These puppies do not have a castration or sterilization obligation and may have breeding rights, so that, if fully healthy, you can experience how incredibly special and beautiful it is to see healthy, sweet puppies grow up and make families happy. These puppies are 7800 euros and have a deposit of 400 euros. (You have 1st choice on every litter after Doodlebabys, unless another family Priority has already registered before you).
This price is for a puppy of 8 weeks of age. Should it be necessary for the puppy to stay longer with us, we charge an additional €45 per week. This is to cover the cost of dewormings, (Rabia) vaccinations, titers, food, multivitamins, prevention fleas, ticks, other parasites and, of course, daily care and education 24/7.

Available for: Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxenburg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romenia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.


With your Doodle

There’s nothing as joyful as raising a litter of happy Doodle Babies and making families overjoyed with their puppy! The little ones are born, the eyes open, they start waddling carefully, you get to teach them to eat and introduce them to the world. A fantastic privilege to be a breeder! We are happy to be your mentor, have written a comprehensive 50-page guidance document with everything around breeding the Australian Labradoodle, get access to our private Breeders Facebook page with videos before, from and after birth and we are of course lifelong 24/7 helpdesk!

Because we have very carefully selected the best, healthiest, sweetest, most beautiful bloodlines from Europe and America for 10 years and only breed with parent dogs that are free of all required DNA hereditary diseases, you only need to test your puppy for:

ECVO eyes: 45 euro
X-rays hips and elbows: 100 euros
Patellas/ knees: 40 euros.

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