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  • Descriptions of external features such as coat type & size and their character traits

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do we do with the puppies in the meantime?

As in nature and what we notice from experience, our puppies are exposed to stimuli only when they are ready and in the right degree. Rest, Regularity and Cleanliness is priority! They are given light and controlled stimuli from the 3rd day to the 16th day in the form of the BioSensor Programme, which are special methods to make puppies relaxed for rest of their lives.

Then the puppies are offered dosed and increasingly larger and longer stimuli through the Puppy Culture Method, such as sounds of thunderstorms, fireworks, trucks, washing/dishwasher machine, hoover, etc. They also meet a lot of people and children, other animals, get used to driving etc and we offer strange new objects and surfaces such as an umbrella. Especially our 2.5-year-old Jaxx, is teaching puppies to be hugely resilient.

We raise our puppies with a whole lot of love, attention, controlled stimuli, cuddles and respect through consistent parenting, including by our doodles. The puppies mimic and adopt good behaviour from our doodles, so the learning of good behaviour gains momentum and we don’t have to correct much. They also get a grass mat from week 3 that we spray every day with stimulating scent to give the puppies a good head start on house-training and this works really well. We find that if there is trust towards humans, they accept a lot and are fine because they feel safe with us. If they have gained enough self-confidence through these metered stimuli and trust us, we can suddenly walk through schiphol without any problems.

In addition to our own DoodleBabys behavioural recognition, we test the puppies all according to the therapy dog test ‘VOLHARD’S PUPPY TESTING’ & on ‘PUPPY ASSESSMENT TESTS by PUPPY CULTURE’ where they actually always score tremendously high!

The moment has arrived!

You can come and collect your puppy.

It’s best to take your puppy with you in the car on a towel on your lap or on the ground by your feet when picking it up. This is reassuring for the pup; on a longer journey, it is nice for him to have a towel over his spot on the motorway so that he is less distracted by all the moving things around him.

You will receive a puppy pack from us:

  • Fresh frozen meat Runner fresh lamb complete 3x a day 60 grams (defrosted: 2 feedings, frozen:2 feedings)

  • Training pellets Edgard & Cooper Atlantic Salmon/ Norwegian Salmon

  • EU Passport

  • Digital Family Tree (#safethetrees)

  • Veterinary health certificates

  • Proof of vaccinations

  • Described in passport: advice on when to vaccinate/titre and deworm
  • Cuddly toy with scents of the nest and pack
  • Harness with leash for the first 5 months

  • 1 puppy pad for accidents on the go

  • Puppy brush to be used from 8 weeks of age

  • 15 euro discount on JAXX slicker brush to be used from 12 weeks of age

  • Nibble snacks, rabbit/lamb ears and deer head skin

  • Sales contract with the guarantees

  • When your puppy goes home, she/he is fully dewormed, vaccinated and microchipped

  • Puppy grooming at 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 weeks got: nails clipped, foot soles, private parts and eye corners clipped free and a nice wash

  • Manuals / tips on the health and upbringing of your puppy and of course lifelong helpdesk

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Visit our webshop